Tuesday, October 16, 2012


image grabbed from google

Hello everyone! I'm going to make a small blog about my new found favorite soap, i think i found the perfect soap for me (but it's expensive).

Me and hubby went to Trinoma today, after having java chip at Seattle's Best we went to Lush to buy some additional soaps for our little collection, the moment we entered the store i immediately spotted the new pink soap, my main purpose is to buy the honey i washed the kids soap, the sales attendant was very accommodating, she recommended me the new Lust soap instead (yes the name is Lust, i dig that name !) because the scent is more feminine, the smell of the jasmine goodness makes me want to go home and take a bath right away !

I tried the Lust soap tonight and it's so divine, pink soap, pink bubbles with the strong scent of jasmine made me feel more girly and flirty (hubby loves the scent ! hmmm). So if you're a pinkaholic just like me definitely check this out !