Saturday, March 31, 2012


Krave's Oil Eliminator & Skin Hydrator

Hello pretties ! I'm so sorry for not updating my blog so often, i was really busy. Anyway today i'm going to make a review about Krave's Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator. Tested this baby for 3 weeks since i want to be sure with my review, my skin got crazy with all these break outs in my chin area.

The packaging is made out of a yellow plastic container, very handy to put in your kikay kit since it's lightweight and this will not cause any mess in your precious bags. Yes, packaging is flat and simple. They claim that this is hypoallergenic and acnegenic, but our skin reacts differently so no one can guarantee 100% that you'll not break out or anything.

with sifter and puff

. It has a puff included but i don't use it as an applicator, instead i use it to get some powder from the sifter and dab my flat top brush in the puff to prevent any mess, loose powders tend to get all over the place.
The powder is finely milled, it looks ghastly white at first glance but fear not since it will not make you look like a ghost. For reference, i have really oily and acne prone skin, i don't use different products for my face because i easily break out, i'm already traumatized with my experiences, i love Proactiv for clearing up my face !

freshly applied

I used this as a setting powder for my liquid foundation, i stipple it under the eye area to set my concealer, on the sides of my nose, chin and t-zone where i'm super oily. It did not gave me any rashes or zits so that's a plus for me ! It kept my oiliness at bay for 5 hours, which is good since some other powders can't withstand my oiliness even for an hour, boo !

after 5 hours, it looks glowy not oily !

This is less than 400php which is a fair price if you ask me, Oh yeah i forgot to mention that this is unscented, perfect for ladies who doesn't like heavily scented make-ups. It's stated that it's an skin hydrator, but people with dry skin should keep in mind that this will not literally hydrate your skin. So before you apply this on your bare face if that's what you want, make sure to prep and prime your skin, don't apply this without any moisturizer or else it will turn flaky and dry.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


What's up my fellow make-up addicts ?  So i'm going to clear up this issue that Make Up For Ever's selling testers. Some of my friends were disappointed when they bought some cosmetics at MUFE because it was placed in a zip lock instead of it's original box, they even thought that they were sold with testers.

I forwarded this issue to someone, they are really sorry to hear about this, there are cases that they had problems with damaged boxes from shipment that's why they placed it in zip locks instead, rest assured that those items are not testers. They don't want to sell make-ups in ugly ruined boxes too.

Let's not boycott and accuse them for selling testers, they have their credibility and reputation to protect. I believe that they wouldn't do such a thing, there are just those unfortunate times that some of the boxes were damaged when they were shipped, no one likes their products to be damaged but it can't just be avoided so let's try to understand.

So if you had experienced this before and you want to complain or clear something please e-mail the exact date and purchased item at

Let's not judge a book by it's cover everyone =) Have a blessed Sunday !