Saturday, December 1, 2012



Hello gorgeous ! I'm so excited to share my new baby, so excited that i will cut the drama and will get straight to the point !

Here is the Babyliss ipro230 icurl straightener (what a long name!), as you can see it looks like a regular straightening iron but at the same time looks different because of the additional curvy plates on the side, what do you need to do is clamp your hair on the root part and twist the iron with the curvy part 90 degrees downward. Here is a little sample that i did when i played with it.


Overall, i am pretty much in love with it whether be it for straightening or curling. It gives my hair a bouncy and shiny look, plus i can finish styling my thick hair in less than 30 minutes (which in other curling or straightening iron takes me more than an hour!)

Oh yes what made me even happier is that i got a huge discount, original price is 4,600php but got it for 3,200php (woah!).

Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's almost a year now since i had my hair digi-permed. No trimming or any salon treatment done, i often change my hair color at home and that's that. My hair is super long now, well not that super, anyway my curls are still pretty, some say that after 6 months of their hair being digi-permed the curls tend to get loose and ugly, well not my curls ! Incase you are wondering i had my hair digi-permed at bnd hair gallery salon

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


image grabbed from google

Hello everyone! I'm going to make a small blog about my new found favorite soap, i think i found the perfect soap for me (but it's expensive).

Me and hubby went to Trinoma today, after having java chip at Seattle's Best we went to Lush to buy some additional soaps for our little collection, the moment we entered the store i immediately spotted the new pink soap, my main purpose is to buy the honey i washed the kids soap, the sales attendant was very accommodating, she recommended me the new Lust soap instead (yes the name is Lust, i dig that name !) because the scent is more feminine, the smell of the jasmine goodness makes me want to go home and take a bath right away !

I tried the Lust soap tonight and it's so divine, pink soap, pink bubbles with the strong scent of jasmine made me feel more girly and flirty (hubby loves the scent ! hmmm). So if you're a pinkaholic just like me definitely check this out !

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Krave's Oil Eliminator & Skin Hydrator

Hello pretties ! I'm so sorry for not updating my blog so often, i was really busy. Anyway today i'm going to make a review about Krave's Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator. Tested this baby for 3 weeks since i want to be sure with my review, my skin got crazy with all these break outs in my chin area.

The packaging is made out of a yellow plastic container, very handy to put in your kikay kit since it's lightweight and this will not cause any mess in your precious bags. Yes, packaging is flat and simple. They claim that this is hypoallergenic and acnegenic, but our skin reacts differently so no one can guarantee 100% that you'll not break out or anything.

with sifter and puff

. It has a puff included but i don't use it as an applicator, instead i use it to get some powder from the sifter and dab my flat top brush in the puff to prevent any mess, loose powders tend to get all over the place.
The powder is finely milled, it looks ghastly white at first glance but fear not since it will not make you look like a ghost. For reference, i have really oily and acne prone skin, i don't use different products for my face because i easily break out, i'm already traumatized with my experiences, i love Proactiv for clearing up my face !

freshly applied

I used this as a setting powder for my liquid foundation, i stipple it under the eye area to set my concealer, on the sides of my nose, chin and t-zone where i'm super oily. It did not gave me any rashes or zits so that's a plus for me ! It kept my oiliness at bay for 5 hours, which is good since some other powders can't withstand my oiliness even for an hour, boo !

after 5 hours, it looks glowy not oily !

This is less than 400php which is a fair price if you ask me, Oh yeah i forgot to mention that this is unscented, perfect for ladies who doesn't like heavily scented make-ups. It's stated that it's an skin hydrator, but people with dry skin should keep in mind that this will not literally hydrate your skin. So before you apply this on your bare face if that's what you want, make sure to prep and prime your skin, don't apply this without any moisturizer or else it will turn flaky and dry.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


What's up my fellow make-up addicts ?  So i'm going to clear up this issue that Make Up For Ever's selling testers. Some of my friends were disappointed when they bought some cosmetics at MUFE because it was placed in a zip lock instead of it's original box, they even thought that they were sold with testers.

I forwarded this issue to someone, they are really sorry to hear about this, there are cases that they had problems with damaged boxes from shipment that's why they placed it in zip locks instead, rest assured that those items are not testers. They don't want to sell make-ups in ugly ruined boxes too.

Let's not boycott and accuse them for selling testers, they have their credibility and reputation to protect. I believe that they wouldn't do such a thing, there are just those unfortunate times that some of the boxes were damaged when they were shipped, no one likes their products to be damaged but it can't just be avoided so let's try to understand.

So if you had experienced this before and you want to complain or clear something please e-mail the exact date and purchased item at

Let's not judge a book by it's cover everyone =) Have a blessed Sunday !

Sunday, February 26, 2012


my new red leather hydraulic chair

Hello everyone, it's been 2 months ago since i canvassed for a nice hydraulic chair to pair with my Suesh vanity station, but unfortunately they're expensive and the delivery service is costly too. But i believe things do happen for a reason, the reason was i'm going to find a much better one for a much cheaper price and i'm so lucky to found this incidentally.

So let me introduce my new red baby, it's an hydraulic chair with red leather seat cover, my hubby chose the red color, i asked him what color should we get ? He answered "i like red, it's glamorous oh the flowers the flowers." I'm starting to think he's a Fergie fanatic ha ha ha !

Okay back to the chair. the back of the chair is just enough for me to lean back and relax, perfect when i'm applying make-up. Since this is an hydraulic chair it's perfect when i need to do my clients make-up service at my place, i can adjust the height of the chair, plus they can relax their backs while i'm doing their long session of beautifying.

I got this red baby of mine for a really cheap price, can you imagine that i only shelled out 2,000 php ? It's so ironic that when i already gave up to own a hydraulic chair that's the time i found this incidentally at, by the way the original price is 7,000 or more, the delivery is also free thank you so much Xend, i really got what i paid for ! I'm so happy that my hubby stopped me from buying those unworthy hydraulic chairs, patience is indeed a virtue, all the wait is worth it.

So that's about it, care to share what your make-up station looks like ? I would love to see yours =)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


i love my sexy hair

Hi everyone ! It's already been 2 months since i got my hair digi-permed. I saw a rebond/digi-perm promo for 2,500 instead  of the original price which is 12,000 php at Bnd Hair Gallery Salon, since it was really cheap i availed it. I was originally planning to get my hair rebonded because of my stubborn layered flyaway hair, but they insisted me to have my hair digi-permed for a new look, and yes i followed them which i did not regret at all. The only downside is that they have a small place, they don't have enough seats for the waiting customers, my hubby stood for 3 hours while waiting for me. 

All i can say is the price that i paid for is worth it, i maintain my curls with Kerastase Oleo Curl, it's a great product for digi-permed hair, i will make a review about it soon ! I look different with wavy hair, i look much more younger and angelic ha ha ha !

So ladies would you like to have your hair permed or straight ? Come on share it !

Monday, February 20, 2012


This mango-tinted stain beautifully blushes lips and cheeks with a tropical sunset hue. Smooch-proof and smudge-proof, this sheer stain will have you looking deliciously sun-kissed for hours.

A review about Benefit Cha Cha Tint, it's a pretty coral tint that can be applied on the cheeks and lips. Lasts the whole day on a very sweaty and oily skin. Many ladies wanted to try out Benefit Cha Cha Tint but they were afraid because it tends to leave streak marks if you don't blend it out fast. So here's an easy method, please scroll down below.

instruction that comes with the cha cha tint

In the illustrated image above it shows that you must apply three strokes in your cheeks then blend it fast, i tried that method and gosh i looked like a cat with three whiskers no joke here. I tried every method possible but the only fool proof method that i found was to apply the tint directly to a foundation brush and tap it fast on the apples of the cheeks. 

how i apply cha cha tint

I used Benefit Highbeam together with the Cha Cha Tint to sheer it out, three strokes is too much for one cheek, i prefer just one stroke per cheek and if i want to add more color i will just repeat the method again until i  achieve the look that i like. A little goes a long way so you really get what you paid for.



A review about the much hyped Urban Decay Naked Palette 2, what makes this different from the previous naked palette is the new packaging, bigger mirror, has more lighter shades with 5 new ones, dual-ended brush, and it comes with a mini lip gloss instead of the mini original primer. I will state some of the reasons why i like this better than the original Naked Palette.

Naked Palette 1 on the left and Naked Palette 2 on the right

1: The packaging of Naked 2 is made out of plastic just like a classic pencil case, while the old one is made out of cardboard and felt, a dust magnet and the gold naked logo flakes off easily. This is more travel friendly in my opinion.
2: The mirror is now full sized.  Since the mirror is definitely bigger you don't have to squeeze yourself in the mirror when doing your eye make-up.
 3: It comes with a dense dual-ended brush, one side is the regular eye shadow brush while the other end is a blending brush
4: It has more lighter shades plus 5 new ones, perfect for those who doesn't like that too dark dramatic smokey eyes.
5: Obviously i just love everything about it. 

Naked Palette 2 swatches

This is something nice to go along with your make-up collection, but if you have the previous one and you don't want to overspend then you can already skip this one out, But if you have to choose between the two, go for Naked Palette 2.

Friday, February 10, 2012


description from the Guerlain website
"Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder is a bronzing powder which contains 5 shades in a mosaic pattern, including an illuminator, designed to create a healthy radiant glow. The powder is available in three made-to-measure palettes to complement your hair colour and skin tone. Enriched with warm and sensual summer notes."

Here is a review about Guerlain's terracotta light sheer bronzing powder, it contains 10 grams net wt .35 oz. i think it is a decent amount for the price. The packaging is made out of a very sturdy ruby red plastic compact, with a big full sized round mirror like your typical pressed powder compact, very handy to carry around, no need to worry that it will break and will cause a huge mess in your bag. It does not have any pouch, brush or sponge included, kind of a hassle if you will bring it with you.

There are three shades from the Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder line, the Blondes, Brunettes and Dark. The difference between the three are the brunettes shade is on the peachy side suitable for ladies with fair, yellow toned, medium tan skin tones, while the blondes is more on the pinkish side, suitable for ladies with very fair and pinkish skin tones and the dark shade which is slightly different from the two, it has more darker browns and pinkish red colors, suitable for ladies with medium tan to very dark skin tones. All three shades contain some shimmery ones and matte ones in a mosaic pattern.

It is very easy to apply, lightweight on the face, not too powdery or chalky and it is very pigmented. Unlike other Guerlain products, this one does not have any scent on it so it is perfect for those who does not like scented make-ups, many ladies stayed away from Guerlain products because they are well know for being heavily scented.

 labeled the mosaic pattern for reference

labeled the swatches according to the mosaic pattern above

1: Peachy shade
2: Shimmery copper brown
3: Light chocolate brown
4: Dark chocolate brown

As you can see there are four different colors in a beautiful mosaic pattern, again some are shimmery and some are mattes, adjust them with your very own personality and preference, blend them all together and you will get that awesome golden bronze shade, gorgeous as a bronzer and as a blush at the same time, for contouring you can use the brown shades alone or apply it very sheer all over the face for a warm bronzy glow. Since the shades are very pigmented, you can use them as eyeshadows too, perfect for that neutral earthy look.

after 8 hours on my face with no touch-ups

This bronzer can withstand sweats and oiliness for eight hours or more without looking muddy in the middle of the day with no touch-ups, yes some bronzers do oxidize to a muddy color, so before buying any kind of bronzer do test it in the counter first and walk around just to be safe, buy with no regrets.

In the long run even i love this bronzer so much, i don't highly recommend this to everyone, especially if you are in a tight budget, but if you are willing to splurge then go for it, it's gorgeous and a beautiful addition to your make-up collectopn. Oh by the way i found many cheaper bronzers out there and some of them are drugstore brands, one of them is Nyx Blush in Sand, i swear they are very identical and way cheaper than the Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing powder.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


image grabbed from google

It's already been a month since i tried Mac Show Orchid Lipstick, i'm so lazy to blog last December because of the holiday preparations. Anyway here i go, i saw someone online selling her Mac Show Orchid Lipstick, since i'm trying to collect lipsticks i bought it right after searching for different swatches, plus i'm a sucker for bright pinks !

i  failed to apply it properly haha

The color is a dark hot pink with blue undertones that's why i didn't like it, it's already close to a violet color on my lips, pigmentation is good, it didn't totally dried out my lips, lip cracks are not that emphasized either and lasts about few hours on my lips. It wasn't the color that i'm hoping for and it's not the ideal hot pink color for me so i decided to let it go. Results may vary for all of us, i may not like it but you might do though.

* Not drying
* Long lasting

* Not my cup of  tea


image grabbed from google

After a long fight with my hubby he agreed to shop with me as a peace offering lol ! I was lemming for make up forever's aqua eyes pencil liner but i ended up getting few guerlain cosmetics instead and one of them is Guerlain's terracotta touch.

left w/ teracota touch, right w/ other concealer

I got the terracotta touch in blondes shade, the shade is quite beige with gold  iridescence and i think is perfect for nc20-30 skin tones, If you have super dark under eyes i think this is not for you but you can also give it a shot since testing it at all Guerlain counters is free of charge, just to remind you that even i love this concealer/highlighter pen, this didn't conceal everything but it definitely did brightened up my under eye area that's why i fell in love with it, i love it even more when the lights hit it ! Definitely back-up worthy.!

* Has brightening effect

* Expensive

Friday, January 20, 2012


image grabbed from google

Sorry i grabbed the image from google, i already sold mine way back because i hated it but i will review it for your reference. My shade in Estee Lauder Double Wear by is sand (nc20-25 in mac). This liquid foundation lasts about 8 hours on my face but it's not completely transfer resistant and sweat resistant.

luckily i uploaded  this at facebook way back

The thing that i hated about it the most is when i gently wiped my nose it got so cakey and patchy, even my hubby told me it looks so ugly and it would be better if i just wipe everything off, gosh i was so embarassed. It offers medium to full coverage but it makes your blemishes look even more obvious, has very matte finish and it's really heavy on the face like you have a mask on even with sheer application, i broke out even more with this foundation so i decided to just let it go. Take note that this may work for you and not for me so if you like it then give it a chance.

*full coverage
*doesn't clog pores

*feels heavy on the face

Price:1500 i think
Will i buy again?: No
Rating: 7/10
Place: Rustans,

Monday, January 9, 2012


Mustela Skin Refresher and Cleansing Milk

Hi everyone how's your new year so far ? Got your New Year's resolution planned out ? Well, i have and one of them is to invest more on skin care than make-ups. I've been quite a cheapskate when it comes to make-up removers, what iv'e only used before were extra virgin coconut oil and baby wipes, EVCO followed by baby wipes to wipe everything off removed my make-up thoroughly but it feels oh so heavy and icky.

I bought these Mustela products for my kids, but i got curious with the name cleansing milk and skin refresher it sounds good for the skin, when i went home i immediately tried it to remove my make-up and i was impressed ! It was like a baby skin restorer in a bottle ! My skin was cleansed and it felt smooth, supple, soft and glowy, the minute i tried it i just want to buy more but since it's available locally no need for me to rush. When i feel lazy to wash my face in the morning this is what i also use, no breakouts with this babies since it's indeed hypoallergenic. The moment it reaches half way down i will surely buy 2 back-ups for us.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


the naked sisters

Here's my review about Urban Decay Naked Palette, sorry i blogged about the Naked Palette 2 first. I only got this palette last November, actually i have no lemmings or plans to buy any eye shadow stuffs since it's really not my thing well okay i'll be honest i don't know how to use it properly ha ha ha, but when i tried the instructions from the Guerlain eye shadow palette i was hooked to eye shadows, i love the different looks whether i like to play with bright angelic eyes or dark sultry smokey eyes. After a week my friend is offering her Naked Palette to me and of course i said yes, when i got it my initial reaction was "what's so great with this ?", but when i swatched it everything changed it's so pretty and very pigmented, i immediately browsed for some tutorials in youtube and i fell in love with it even more. Scroll down for swatches.


I adore all the shades in this palette and some of my favorites are half-baked, virgin, naked and buck. Virgin is perfect for brow bone and tear duct highlighting, buck is perfect for the crease plus it's my perfect brow powder, and naked is perfect for nose contouring. I love this palette so much and i hate myself for being a late bloomer about it. I highly recommend it especially to those who want to learn how to use eye shadows since it's very basic.