Tuesday, November 8, 2011


my forever hg liquid foundation 

I think every make-up lover out there is looking for their holy grail foundation, lucky me that i found it ! Guerlain parure extreme liquid foundation offers medium-full coverage, it has spf and it's even waterproof ! I have super oily skin and this foundie serves me well, i like its dewy finish and it gives me that natural look with glow, plus whenever i wear this foundation it doesn't feel like i have make-up on unlike other liquid foundations that iv'e already tried. 

wearing guerlain parure extreme liquid foundie in shade 32

 I'm acne-prone too and this didn't break me out, oh yes not even the tiniest zit ! A little reminder though that many girls experienced oxidation with this foundation even they are not acidic, so i suggest that you try this first at your local Guerlain counters before you buy so you won't waste your money since it isn't cheap, bought my first bottle at Marrionaud for 2750. I'm on my 2nd bottle now and been using this foundation for a year and i'm still loving it to bits, No other liquid foundation stayed fresh looking on my face for more than 12 hours. Will repurchase this whenever i ran out of it maybe after 2 years because of my back-ups ?

so yeah basically i love it so much !

*Very long lasting
*Perfect shade match for my yellow skin
*No white cast even there's spf in it
*No break outs

*Expensive (well it's a luxury brand)
*Scent is sometimes overpowering 


my zit zapper team

Let me share you folks about my traumatizing experience with acne flare up, the last time that iv'e suffered from acne is way back August 2010, i think what caused my acne to flare up is because of my hormonal imbalance, stress and lack of sleep . It all started when me and hubby started to share the same roof together in a apartment. First i noticed just a pimple or two but i just ignored it since i thought it was just normal for me to have a pimple since it's a natural thing for me when i'm trying out new things on my face, but as the time goes by new pimples just keep popping out of my face and most of them are cystic ones, since it got worse and worse everyday i tried to self medicate, i tried tretinoin gel which caused me that burning sensation and mario badescu products which made everything worst !

see those pesky pimples even with make-up on ?

 Because of  mario badescu's anti acne products my normal pimples turned into cystic acnes, i kept using their products since i thought again that it was just the purging stage which i was wrong BIG TIME. 12 painful cystic acne developed on my face after 3 days of self-medication, this lowered my self-esteem up to the point that i cried every time i look in the mirror and  i can't face hubby without make-up on even at night just to hide my hideous face. After 1 month of suffering, hubby remembered that one of his friends uses proactiv so he told me to buy a proactiv set when my daddy arrived from Japan and so i did, in just a matter of 1 week of using proactiv i immediately saw results, i kid you not it dried up my pimples over night without being harsh on my face. Proactiv's main ingredient to all their products is benzoyle peroxide.

see ? No pimples now and some few scars left yey !

After a month all the pimples dried up and i rarely get a pimple until now, it even lightened some of the scars that the pimples left. I'm so happy that i came across with proactiv (where have you been all my life ? i wish we met earlier) and i have no plans anymore to try another anti-acne skin care products except for moisturizers and dark spot correctors =)

Price: 2500 for the smallest set
Place: Any Sm Branches, Watsons
Will i buy again?: Yes
Rating: 10/10

Monday, November 7, 2011


This is my first blog ever i'm so excited and nervous at the same time gaaah ! Please excuse and forgive me if i will commit errors since i'm a newbie in blogging, but i will try to improve so please bear with me. My blog is about the things that i want to share, my personal thoughts are based on my own experiences mostly regarding about make-up, fragrances, cute things, gadgets, games or just any typical girl blah blah blahs. Comments and suggestions from everyone are very much welcome =)