Sunday, March 11, 2012


What's up my fellow make-up addicts ?  So i'm going to clear up this issue that Make Up For Ever's selling testers. Some of my friends were disappointed when they bought some cosmetics at MUFE because it was placed in a zip lock instead of it's original box, they even thought that they were sold with testers.

I forwarded this issue to someone, they are really sorry to hear about this, there are cases that they had problems with damaged boxes from shipment that's why they placed it in zip locks instead, rest assured that those items are not testers. They don't want to sell make-ups in ugly ruined boxes too.

Let's not boycott and accuse them for selling testers, they have their credibility and reputation to protect. I believe that they wouldn't do such a thing, there are just those unfortunate times that some of the boxes were damaged when they were shipped, no one likes their products to be damaged but it can't just be avoided so let's try to understand.

So if you had experienced this before and you want to complain or clear something please e-mail the exact date and purchased item at

Let's not judge a book by it's cover everyone =) Have a blessed Sunday !

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