Sunday, February 26, 2012


my new red leather hydraulic chair

Hello everyone, it's been 2 months ago since i canvassed for a nice hydraulic chair to pair with my Suesh vanity station, but unfortunately they're expensive and the delivery service is costly too. But i believe things do happen for a reason, the reason was i'm going to find a much better one for a much cheaper price and i'm so lucky to found this incidentally.

So let me introduce my new red baby, it's an hydraulic chair with red leather seat cover, my hubby chose the red color, i asked him what color should we get ? He answered "i like red, it's glamorous oh the flowers the flowers." I'm starting to think he's a Fergie fanatic ha ha ha !

Okay back to the chair. the back of the chair is just enough for me to lean back and relax, perfect when i'm applying make-up. Since this is an hydraulic chair it's perfect when i need to do my clients make-up service at my place, i can adjust the height of the chair, plus they can relax their backs while i'm doing their long session of beautifying.

I got this red baby of mine for a really cheap price, can you imagine that i only shelled out 2,000 php ? It's so ironic that when i already gave up to own a hydraulic chair that's the time i found this incidentally at, by the way the original price is 7,000 or more, the delivery is also free thank you so much Xend, i really got what i paid for ! I'm so happy that my hubby stopped me from buying those unworthy hydraulic chairs, patience is indeed a virtue, all the wait is worth it.

So that's about it, care to share what your make-up station looks like ? I would love to see yours =)

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