Monday, January 9, 2012


Mustela Skin Refresher and Cleansing Milk

Hi everyone how's your new year so far ? Got your New Year's resolution planned out ? Well, i have and one of them is to invest more on skin care than make-ups. I've been quite a cheapskate when it comes to make-up removers, what iv'e only used before were extra virgin coconut oil and baby wipes, EVCO followed by baby wipes to wipe everything off removed my make-up thoroughly but it feels oh so heavy and icky.

I bought these Mustela products for my kids, but i got curious with the name cleansing milk and skin refresher it sounds good for the skin, when i went home i immediately tried it to remove my make-up and i was impressed ! It was like a baby skin restorer in a bottle ! My skin was cleansed and it felt smooth, supple, soft and glowy, the minute i tried it i just want to buy more but since it's available locally no need for me to rush. When i feel lazy to wash my face in the morning this is what i also use, no breakouts with this babies since it's indeed hypoallergenic. The moment it reaches half way down i will surely buy 2 back-ups for us.

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