Saturday, January 21, 2012


image grabbed from google

It's already been a month since i tried Mac Show Orchid Lipstick, i'm so lazy to blog last December because of the holiday preparations. Anyway here i go, i saw someone online selling her Mac Show Orchid Lipstick, since i'm trying to collect lipsticks i bought it right after searching for different swatches, plus i'm a sucker for bright pinks !

i  failed to apply it properly haha

The color is a dark hot pink with blue undertones that's why i didn't like it, it's already close to a violet color on my lips, pigmentation is good, it didn't totally dried out my lips, lip cracks are not that emphasized either and lasts about few hours on my lips. It wasn't the color that i'm hoping for and it's not the ideal hot pink color for me so i decided to let it go. Results may vary for all of us, i may not like it but you might do though.

* Not drying
* Long lasting

* Not my cup of  tea

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