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description from the Guerlain website
"Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder is a bronzing powder which contains 5 shades in a mosaic pattern, including an illuminator, designed to create a healthy radiant glow. The powder is available in three made-to-measure palettes to complement your hair colour and skin tone. Enriched with warm and sensual summer notes."

Here is a review about Guerlain's terracotta light sheer bronzing powder, it contains 10 grams net wt .35 oz. i think it is a decent amount for the price. The packaging is made out of a very sturdy ruby red plastic compact, with a big full sized round mirror like your typical pressed powder compact, very handy to carry around, no need to worry that it will break and will cause a huge mess in your bag. It does not have any pouch, brush or sponge included, kind of a hassle if you will bring it with you.

There are three shades from the Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder line, the Blondes, Brunettes and Dark. The difference between the three are the brunettes shade is on the peachy side suitable for ladies with fair, yellow toned, medium tan skin tones, while the blondes is more on the pinkish side, suitable for ladies with very fair and pinkish skin tones and the dark shade which is slightly different from the two, it has more darker browns and pinkish red colors, suitable for ladies with medium tan to very dark skin tones. All three shades contain some shimmery ones and matte ones in a mosaic pattern.

It is very easy to apply, lightweight on the face, not too powdery or chalky and it is very pigmented. Unlike other Guerlain products, this one does not have any scent on it so it is perfect for those who does not like scented make-ups, many ladies stayed away from Guerlain products because they are well know for being heavily scented.

 labeled the mosaic pattern for reference

labeled the swatches according to the mosaic pattern above

1: Peachy shade
2: Shimmery copper brown
3: Light chocolate brown
4: Dark chocolate brown

As you can see there are four different colors in a beautiful mosaic pattern, again some are shimmery and some are mattes, adjust them with your very own personality and preference, blend them all together and you will get that awesome golden bronze shade, gorgeous as a bronzer and as a blush at the same time, for contouring you can use the brown shades alone or apply it very sheer all over the face for a warm bronzy glow. Since the shades are very pigmented, you can use them as eyeshadows too, perfect for that neutral earthy look.

after 8 hours on my face with no touch-ups

This bronzer can withstand sweats and oiliness for eight hours or more without looking muddy in the middle of the day with no touch-ups, yes some bronzers do oxidize to a muddy color, so before buying any kind of bronzer do test it in the counter first and walk around just to be safe, buy with no regrets.

In the long run even i love this bronzer so much, i don't highly recommend this to everyone, especially if you are in a tight budget, but if you are willing to splurge then go for it, it's gorgeous and a beautiful addition to your make-up collectopn. Oh by the way i found many cheaper bronzers out there and some of them are drugstore brands, one of them is Nyx Blush in Sand, i swear they are very identical and way cheaper than the Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing powder.

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