Monday, February 20, 2012


This mango-tinted stain beautifully blushes lips and cheeks with a tropical sunset hue. Smooch-proof and smudge-proof, this sheer stain will have you looking deliciously sun-kissed for hours.

A review about Benefit Cha Cha Tint, it's a pretty coral tint that can be applied on the cheeks and lips. Lasts the whole day on a very sweaty and oily skin. Many ladies wanted to try out Benefit Cha Cha Tint but they were afraid because it tends to leave streak marks if you don't blend it out fast. So here's an easy method, please scroll down below.

instruction that comes with the cha cha tint

In the illustrated image above it shows that you must apply three strokes in your cheeks then blend it fast, i tried that method and gosh i looked like a cat with three whiskers no joke here. I tried every method possible but the only fool proof method that i found was to apply the tint directly to a foundation brush and tap it fast on the apples of the cheeks. 

how i apply cha cha tint

I used Benefit Highbeam together with the Cha Cha Tint to sheer it out, three strokes is too much for one cheek, i prefer just one stroke per cheek and if i want to add more color i will just repeat the method again until i  achieve the look that i like. A little goes a long way so you really get what you paid for.

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